A Strange Traffic of Dreams
HIT '97 CD!

Magellan is
Per Jensen: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Programming

Amariah Hession: Keyboards, Programming, Guitar

AAA Marrz: Vocals, Guitar, Bass

~ ~

Derek Story
Vocals, Rythym Guitar

The Ig
Lead Guitar
Guitar, Vocals

Ellis Dee
Drums, Programming


Track: B-17

In a B-17 – high overhead!
I jumped into – the jaws of death!

I was there at Chosin – we got overrun;
I ran like hell – when I lost my gun.

On Pork Chop Hill – I had my day;
I won’t come back – I got blown away!


I’ll never come home –
So please don’t be alarmed.
My dust is at rest – on somebody’s farm.

Just take the time – remember me please;
That I was alive – in a B-17

A B-17 – high overhead!
I’m not coming back – because I am dead.

A B-17… a B-17… a B-17… a B-17