Phanus Phallus Phobias - Greatest Sh!ts!

Magellan is
Per Jensen Vocals, Bass, Guitar

AAA Marrz Vocals, Guitar

~ ~

Assisted by
Cy Kadellick

Cill O. Syben
Guitar, Vocals

Ellis Dee
Drums, Percussion

Walter Fix
Harmonica on "Picture"

Enna Fell
Saxaphone on "Daydream"

Amariah Hession
Keys on "Little Neutrino"


Track: Billy Boy
Jensen 1993

Billy’s just another cornfed hick,
a two-bit jerk that thinks he knows his shit.
Well, I got news for you and it ain’t good.
Billy don’t know his ass from third base
with a fucking map…

But why not give it a try?
He might just do some good.
Why not fuck it up right and
shaft us like he should?

Billy Boy’s makin’ the bucks.
Taxes are gonna go up.
We’re all a bunch of sitting ducks.
I think we’re gonna get real butt-fucked.

All the girls think Billy is so cute.
He’s the kind who makes me want to puke.
Give him time, he’ll make us wish he’d quit.
When it’s all over he gets his pension –
He don’t give a shit!

But let’s give Billy a try,
we’re not gonna want to much laugh.
Or do us a favor and die
when we get it up the ass.

Billy Boy’s makin’ the bucks,
cost of living’s gonna go up.
We’re all a bunch of sitting ducks,
cruisin’ for a great big butt-fuck.

Let’s give Billy a shot;
"Let’s do this right!" he said.
A good shot right in the crotch;
I’d rather he drop dead

Billy Boy’s makin’ the bucks.
That fucking accent sucks.
We’re all a bunch of sitting ducks.
Speeding toward a great big butt-fuck.