Children V.2

Magellan is
Per Jensen - Vocals, bass guitar, processing

Derek Story - Vocals

Cy Kadellick - Keyboards, processing

Syl O. Syben - Vocals, guitar

Ellis Dee - Drums, percussion


Track: Derelict
Jensen 1979

Lost among the years,
what have I become?
The heavens never move,
I feel so alone.

Time has lost its touch
in this vast and empty space.
The crew died long ago,
I’ll never know their fate.

The tower brought me here
before Earth lost control,
when delegates from never-lands
became the victory lords.

Their knowledge was advanced,
we knew not how to fight.
Our captains’ immortality’s
assured escape in space.

My people now extinct,
my life can never end.
I’m floating into hell
In a rusty derelict.
In a rusty derelict…