Children V.2

Magellan is
Per Jensen - Vocals, bass guitar, processing

Derek Story - Vocals

Cy Kadellick - Keyboards, processing

Syl O. Syben - Vocals, guitar

Ellis Dee - Drums, percussion


Track: Eternity of Light
Jensen 2005

Many times we’ve wondered if
our dreams were meant to be.
Surrounded by the madness
made no sense to you or me.

But if we find another time
our voices will be free –
to live the sight of cloudless skies
and share what we can be.

Moments of the beauty seen
will live in sound and mind.
Treasures of the past will be –
the love was yours and mine.

Now that life has parted us
you’re always in my heart.
I stare into the endless night
and see you in the stars…

A day will come when life will be
a different space and time.
Once again I’ll be with you –
the shadows disappear.
It opens to the heart because
the heart is where we are.
We roam the stars as in our dreams,
we live as one, The Light.
We roam the stars as in our dreams,
Eternity of Light. Eternity of Light.