A Strange Traffic of Dreams
HIT '97 CD!

Magellan is
Per Jensen: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Programming

Amariah Hession: Keyboards, Programming, Guitar

AAA Marrz: Vocals, Guitar, Bass

~ ~

Derek Story
Vocals, Rythym Guitar

The Ig
Lead Guitar
Guitar, Vocals

Ellis Dee
Drums, Programming


Track: Just Along for the Ride

I’m sittin’ here alone, tryin’ to feed the fire.
Some would call it sin,
But it’s nothin’ but desire.
Yellow is the color of a wicked man’s heart.
I turn to face the winds become
The faithful’s dying art.

I’m just along for the ride…
I’m here but I’m just along for the ride.

I feel my life is ending, I got no will to live.
The pain exceeds the pleasure –
I’ve forgotten how to give.
I seen no pretty sights ‘cuz
Joy is just a word.
Today I’m goin’ crazy and
Tomorrow is absurd.

Don’t look at me…
I’m just an observer.


Seen many times just set this
World gone wrong go straight,
And all the time I seem to do is
Sake the sleeping giant’s hate.
I’m sittin here alone –
I’m tryin’ to feed that fire.
Some call it sin –
But it’s nothin’ but desire.

Don’t look at me
I’m just along for the ride.