A Strange Traffic of Dreams
HIT '97 CD!

Magellan is
Per Jensen: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Programming

Amariah Hession: Keyboards, Programming, Guitar

AAA Marrz: Vocals, Guitar, Bass

~ ~

Derek Story
Vocals, Rythym Guitar

The Ig
Lead Guitar
Guitar, Vocals

Ellis Dee
Drums, Programming


Track: Long, Long Ride

When I was just a little, bitty boy,
I’d take my bike out on the highway –
They said I said I was lookin’ for the man,
And just about the time mama’d
Go to missing me,
She’d get in the car and she’d find me –

I couldn’t, for the life of me
Say what I was doin’ –
But it seemed just like
A long long ride back home…

When I was just a young man
Ridin’ my bike out west,
Lookin’ for the country –
Just an archeologist without any papers,
Come to find out
I just didn’t need any anyhow –

My horse choked to death,
I stuck out my thumb –
Seemed like
A long long ride back home…


After school I headed down south,
Hopin’ no one would find me –
But come to find out the landlord and I
Didn’t see eye to eye, so she told me to
"Get out! Get lost! Get outta my sight!"

I stood on the Atlantic coast
Looking north –
Boy it seemed just like
A long ride back home…


When I became a big man
And marched off to school –
Gonna make somethin’ outta nothin’ –
Then it was three long years and 300 miles
Away from my family, and, oh yeah,
I forgot, an ex-wife –

I finally got my fill
And decided that I’d rather
Live than die in Economics 101
What was I thinkin’?

My mama told me, the world is
A little, bitty place –
Ain’t worth nothin’ but a hill of beans –
And don’t you know it’s
Keeping good in your heart,
Tryin’ to find a friend who will
Walk with you someday –

But the time came – she went away;
Now I realize
It’s a long, long, long, long…