Children V.2

Magellan is
Per Jensen - Vocals, bass guitar, processing

Derek Story - Vocals

Cy Kadellick - Keyboards, processing

Syl O. Syben - Vocals, guitar

Ellis Dee - Drums, percussion


Track: Mikada Minn's Interpretation of Derek's Story (rehearsal)
Jensen-Nei 1976

The story begins, it tells the tale of Derek.
…of Derek. To say… To say the least.

Knowledge of overtures right, The Light.
As seen of some although not all, Derek. Derek…

So distant was he, he knew the truth.
Derek. Derek…

His secret beliefs stayed within –
Knowledge, logic, knowledge, logic.

Past the eyes and brain, we’ll see the end.
The future, the future…

Dreams and silver sunrise,
in search for the answers.
Where lay all the treasure?
Lay beyond the forest?

Many times he’s wondered
if his dreams were waiting.
calling in the forest,
dreaming of the forest.

Colors bind the sky.
Never seen again
calls him to the thought,
"In search of the future,
in search of the future…"

Walking through the forest –
what will he encounter?
Shades of knowledge, color?
Visions of the future…
Visions of the future…
Visions of the future…