Phanus Phallus Phobias - Greatest Sh!ts!

Magellan is
Per Jensen Vocals, Bass, Guitar

AAA Marrz Vocals, Guitar

~ ~

Assisted by
Cy Kadellick

Cill O. Syben
Guitar, Vocals

Ellis Dee
Drums, Percussion

Walter Fix
Harmonica on "Picture"

Enna Fell
Saxaphone on "Daydream"

Amariah Hession
Keys on "Little Neutrino"


Track: Puke o’ Paducah
Jensen 1979

Puke o’ Paducah…

Paducah is the asshole of the Midwest.
There’s a great big ring of brown crust from east to west.
And if you stay here long you’re sure to catch the smell.
Goin’ to Paducah is just like going to hell.

Paducah and Eureka are just alike –
they both suck.
Prostitutes ‘n’ Paducah are one and the same –
they’re both fucked.

Puke o’ Paducah…

If you wanna get broke then here you’ll be a hit.
Paducah is a constipated joke – it’s full of shit.
And if you think you’re going nowhere
then brother you’re right.
They’ll flush you down the commode with all their might.

Paducah likes leeches and ticks –
‘cause they all suck.
If you like life –
then bud you’d better truck!

Puke o’ Paducah….