Phanus Phallus Phobias - Greatest Sh!ts!

Magellan is
Per Jensen Vocals, Bass, Guitar

AAA Marrz Vocals, Guitar

~ ~

Assisted by
Cy Kadellick

Cill O. Syben
Guitar, Vocals

Ellis Dee
Drums, Percussion

Walter Fix
Harmonica on "Picture"

Enna Fell
Saxaphone on "Daydream"

Amariah Hession
Keys on "Little Neutrino"


Track: Russia
Jensen 1979

Russia is a country, Russia don’t get funky.
They don’t do nothing but play with bombs,
they don’t believe in Santa.

Russia’s like a crayfish, Russia is ass-backward.
They don’t have fun, just play chess,
and Breshnev is a turd.

(chorus) Let’s all live in Russia!
Let’s all move to Russia!

If you want your say, you will have to pay.
They’ll put you on a tray, and then throw you away.

There’s no one to believe in, they don’t have Johnny Carson.
But they have lots of hobbies, like sittin’ around and fartin’.


We like to drink our Vodka, we like to dance the Polka.
We’d love to kill the Capitalist pigs, hell yes we give a shit!