Children V.2

Magellan is
Per Jensen - Vocals, bass guitar, processing

Derek Story - Vocals

Cy Kadellick - Keyboards, processing

Syl O. Syben - Vocals, guitar

Ellis Dee - Drums, percussion


Track: The Visitor
Jensen 1977

Sailing scenes of victory
posed there to stay.
I’m living history of
rhymes and times today.

See the moving waves?
What have they to say?
Strangers pouring out amaze me –
can’t delay.

Listless now the waters are -
Innisfree is listless.
Tell me where and who?
What are the marks of solid sea?

Ghastly how and who?
What is this and who are you?
Tell me Heaven or Hell’s sent you.
Neither, neither, neither, neither…

"I am you of your past life.
I tell you what you do is right,
The road is long and not unclear,
You’ve strength in me, I will be near.
I will be near…"