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Per Jensen

Derek Story

Bjorn Nei

Vladimir Zsoerbin

AAA Marrz -

and too many others to count


Track: Dream of the Untrodden Ways

Opposites in shroud
Shun me, not with the crowd.
What to me is what is life –
I sing – I pray – I play – I say – music.

Who would I give my music?
If  it came to choosing –
Meaning more than all guitars
            Or angel’s dust –
She is a star –
            The Lady of Song and Joy

The night that came this light
Stepped into my life.
Beautiful pretender not indulge to take
Away what’s mine is you.

Solitude I vowed
Has she turned me ‘round
Never meaning was this clear
            I hold her dear –
I want her near –
            The Lady of Song and Joy