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Track: Fool Magician Hermit

With light step,
            the Fool treads the weary path;
The Earth and its trammels
            hold for him no terror.
As he pauses at the edge of the precipice;
He faces choice, and knows
            that there can be no error.

Traveling northwest,
            the sun behind is still rising;
His wand, white rose,
            and countenance his only tool;
About to descend
            into the Abyss of Manifestation . . .
A dreamer with no philosophy is a Fool.


With wand high,
            the Magician gestures intently;
Standing with an attitude
            of power and command.
On the table before him
            lie the Symbols of Creation,
And they will aid him
            In his mastery of the land.

Above his head,
            the Cosmic Lemniscate states its symbol
He is aware of his knowledge and position.
Red roses intertwined
            with white lilies surround him . . .
A mystic with self-awareness is a Magician.


With head bowed,
            the Hermit stands on a mountain peak;
Isolated from the travelers down below.
Aloft he holds a lantern
            that is the Lamp of Truth;
Its radiance pierces
            through the darkness to show.

His staff in hand,
            he gazes down upon the land;
Appearing as a sentinel on his summit.
His council states:
            “Where I am, there you may also be” ...
An ancient with silent wisdom is a Hermit.